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In Malagasy, Santatra means seeds, the beginning. Established in June 2015, the project provides literacy program for out-of-school children.


• Literacy Program

KOLO Project

Kolo means to nurture the seeds. Established in March 2015, this project brings civic education, reading and English programs to students in public primary schools (EPP).


• Vaky Boky (Reading Program)

• Civic Education

• English Learning Program

JARY Project

Jary means to give nourishment to the growing plant. Established in January 2016, project aims to bring critical thinking skills, media literacy, sex-education, and career orientation program to high school students.


• Critical thinking skills

• Media Literacy

• Sex Education

• Career Orientation

VAKANA Project

Vakana, means beads, used to make a necklace. It serves as a metaphor to describe the unity and beauty. When it's created in March 2017, the project aimed to empower young girls with women education and leadership through an exchange program. To increase the impact and outreach, starting June 2018, this project has been modified to bring gender education and leadership program to the students in the secondary schools (CEG).


• Gender Education

• Character development

• Media education