Step 1

First, learn about our history, vision, mission, values and project profiles.

Follow our social media pages to learn more.

Step 2

Create an account into the plateform and fill in your personnal data to get access to the recruitment side as a Zoky.

Step 3

Browse the plateform for on going recruitment and apply to be a Zoky for the recruitment of your choice.

Candidates that meet the initial eligibility criteria for the project to which they have applied will be invited to complete professional skills assessment and to meet a representative from the recruitment team.
It is important for a candidate to be well prepared for an interview: to read information about TFM. Interview usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes. It is held mostly in the Malagasy language; however, the knowledge of French and English is also assessed.

During the interview the level of your motivation and personal characteristics will be assessed as well as your overall professional qualification.

Step 4

After successful passing the STAGE THREE, candidates must attend a compulsory field training and presentation exercise which is the final stage of the selection process to be a Zoky. Full instructions will be provided.