Education for Change


Our mission image title

Motivate and recruit competent university students, recent graduates, professionals and leaders from all backgrounds to join the movement and take action.

Provide training and ongoing support to empower its recruits and to sharpen their skills and understanding of ways to improve the quality of education in Madagascar

Facilitate basic education and practical knowledge for underprivileged Malagasy citizens, especially children and youth, through innovative and creative programs

Our Vision

We are a Zoky (volunteer)-led association that works to bring educational supports and opportunities to the underprivileged members of Malagasy community

When you become a Zoky...

“You are making connections with community. You are connected with the problem as well as the solution. You are connected to a process – a process in which you believe. Through your actions and involvement, you are benefiting others as well as yourself.

You understand that you are offering something — something that is not required nor an obligation – something that is not for the pursuit of a monetary prize or recognition. You choose to use time to work on something. You honor the commitment.

You believe that you are capable of inciting change and making progress. You are capable of doing good in some way, large or small.”

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Our values